OS X Internet Connection Sharing

Creating a wireless ad-hoc network on a MacBook

Just another reason why I love my Macbook: We arrived at a new Hotel today, and although both Aimi and I needed to use the Internet, there was only one network port. I wondered how difficult it would be to share my Internet Connection with her via the Mac’s wireless interface, but as with most things on the Mac, it turned out to be incredibly simple.

  1. Go to System Preferences > Sharing > Internet Sharing
  2. Choose share your connection from Built-in Ethernet to computers using Airport
  3. You may optionally want to click Airport Options to add WEP encryption or change the network name.
  4. Tick the Internet Sharing checkbox to enable it. By default, the network will be named after your computer’s hostname. E.g. mine is called paul-macbook

2 thoughts on “OS X Internet Connection Sharing”

  1. Hey man, looks good on paper 🙂 I\’m getting no joy at all with this, just wondering – did your airport and corresponding airport on the connecting mac both allocate themselves local (169) IP\’s? Mine have, it doesn\’t seem right.

    Any advice appreciated.



  2. *UPDATE*

    Hello again, if anyone\’s interested I sussed this – it only works if the host Mac has the firewall turned off, not something I\’ll be doing on an unknown network, looks like a mini hub for the travel bag and a spare cat5 then….

    (unless anyone there\’s a way round it?…any ideas?)


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