UK mobile broadband market – September 2007

The last few months have been pretty exciting for anyone interested in mobile broadband in the UK. Until now, T-mobile has lead the way with their ‘Web N Walk’ unlimited data tariffs, but as of the beginning of this month both Three and Vodafone have launched competitive data products.

I believe now is the first time that mobile broadband can actually rival fixed line broad band in terms of price, speed and bandwidth allowance.

NB: For this study, I’m only interested in data packages that can be used with a computer or laptop (not phone only).

Mobile broadband packages

Network Tarrif Speed Inclusive Data Price
T-mobile Web’n’Walk Plus with Phone contract 1.8 mbps 3 GB / month Normal contact + £12.50 per month
T-mobile Web’n’Walk Plus USB Modem / Data card 1.8 mbps 3 GB / month £29 per month
Vodafone Phone contract standard 7.2 mbps? 15 MB / day £1 per day
Vodafone Phone contract + data pack 7.2 mbps? 120 MB / month £ 7.50 per month
Three USB Modem – Broadband Lite *2.8 mbps 1GB / month £10 per month
Three USB Modem – Broadband Lite *2.8 mbps 3GB / month £15 per month
Three USB Modem – Broadband Max *2.8 mbps 7GB / month £25 per month

* Three’s 2.8 mbps area is being rolled out gradually from September 2007 onwards, with national network coverage expected in 2008.