Where to pre-order my Wii?

OK I admit it. I really want a Wii. I have always been a Nintendo fan since the SNES went head to head with the MegaDrive and ultimately won (look who’s still making consoles!), but never before have I anticipated the launch of a new console so eagerly.

So I am going to pre order one, thus hopefully propelling me into the league of elite Nintendo fan boys who will be playing on their Wii on December 8th. The question is, where to get it? Well today apparently, Amazon UK sold out of their pre-order allocation within 5 minutes of it going online. I had also tried play.com’s preorder list a few weeks ago, but they wrote to me saying there was no chance they could honour the order with such a small allocation.

However, I have now heard a rumor that Argos has loads of them. Wish me luck.

Photo of the new Nintendo Wii Console - available in the UK 8th Dec.