Willie’s Delectable Chocolate Revolution

I’ve been watching Willie’s Chocolate Revolution on Channel 4 for the past few nights, and it’s definitely made me want to try some of his world class cacao!

So I tried searching in Google for “willies chocolate” and “willies delectable chocolate” but I couldn’t find his site! After delving a bit deeper, I’ve found it, so in case anyone else is wondering where you can get it from, here are some links:

Willie’s Website

Online stockists


He currently sells two black chocolates (100% cacao) and two dark chocolates (70-72% cacao).

  • Venezuelan Black (100%) – Hacienda El Tesora, Rio Caribe Superior, Carenero Superior
  • Peruvian Black (100%) – San Martin
  • Venezuelan 72 (72%) – Rio Caribe Superior, Carenero Superior
  • Peruvian 70 (70%) – San Martin


Coming soon… a new Gangster MMORPG

Around the start of the year we invested in a new company , Bytewire Limited, that specialises in building online games. Over the next few weeks they plan to release a new version of their Street Crime Gangster Game.

Street Crime Gangster Game
Street Crime Gangster Game

The game is based around building up a gang to take control of a city such as London, Rome, New York, Tokyo etc… You work your way up from Hobo to Godfather as you progress from petty street crimes to organised bank jobs.

Pre-register now to be alerted when the game is released.

Bupa London 10K 2008

Aimi and I completed the Bupa London 10K yesterday, and now I’m thoroughly knackered! Thanks very much to everyone who sponsored us.

We completed the race in a little over 1 hour (1:00:27), meaning that we came 3734th/3735th out of 12,500 entrants. Together, we raised over £950 for the Mental Health Foundation.

Here are some facts and photos from our race:

My results:

Runner No.: 7663
Position (Overall): 3734
Position (Gender): 2586
Position (Age group): 553
5k: 00:30:49
5k-10k: 00:29:38
Finish Time: 01:00:27

Aimi’s results:

Runner No.: 7662
Position (Overall): 3735
Position (Gender): 1149
Position (Age group): 123
5k: 00:30:49
5k-10k: 00:29:39
Finish Time: 01:00:27

Fidler’s castle

I have just seen a fantastically creative scheme to get round the restrictive planning laws that we have in the UK.

Fiddlers castle

On New Homes From Hell (on ITV1) a farmer called Robert Fidler described how he built a house in secret, surround by massive haystacks, and then kept it hidden for four years.

He owned some green belt land, but knowing that he wouldn’t get planning permission to build a house on it, he decided to try to exploit a loop whole in the law which states that if a council doesn’t object to a new build property after four years, then planning is not required.

So all Robert needed to do was hide his house for 4 years.



Then once the time had passed, he pulled down the bales of hay to reveal his very own castle.


Fiddlers castle 

Robert has lived there since August 2006, but he is not in the clear yet. The council are trying to have it demolished saying that, since no-one was given a chance to see the house, the 4 year exemption is invalid.