Bupa London 10K 2008

Aimi and I completed the Bupa London 10K yesterday, and now I’m thoroughly knackered! Thanks very much to everyone who sponsored us.

We completed the race in a little over 1 hour (1:00:27), meaning that we came 3734th/3735th out of 12,500 entrants. Together, we raised over £950 for the Mental Health Foundation.

Here are some facts and photos from our race:

My results:

Runner No.: 7663
Position (Overall): 3734
Position (Gender): 2586
Position (Age group): 553
5k: 00:30:49
5k-10k: 00:29:38
Finish Time: 01:00:27

Aimi’s results:

Runner No.: 7662
Position (Overall): 3735
Position (Gender): 1149
Position (Age group): 123
5k: 00:30:49
5k-10k: 00:29:39
Finish Time: 01:00:27

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