Facebook Virus – Super Potent Legal Bud

In the past 24 hours, 2 of my facebook friends have posted a spam comment on my wall:

“Found some super potent legal bud at http://www.b_bzop.co_ !!”

So it would appear that either their accounts have been hacked, or they have some spy ware on their machine that is hijacking their sessions and posting comments while they browse around the site.

If you think your facebook account might have been hacked, then you should change your password to a more secure one, and run a virus checker on your machine!

7 thoughts on “Facebook Virus – Super Potent Legal Bud”

  1. Nice post, on the 16th of may!!!!! I did the same kind of post because I could not find any information on this “spam bot”.
    Well good to know some people spread the news.

    Do you have any more information….did anyone find a spy ware name after a scan??

  2. Hi there, came across this blog whilst searching about the same issue.

    Didn’t find anything much either, but my take on it is:

    it’s not spyware sitting inside your computer.

    it’s more of, one of your facebook applications is doing it. try and delete those shadier applications that you dont use.

  3. I saw one which said something like “Your know smoking bud? Well I found a super potent legal one at http://www.____.com

    It was something like that around middle May on someone elses wall.

    It was posted using the ‘share link’ feature.

  4. i just saw one today and accidentally clicked on it (stupid me). it asked me for login so at that point i figured its spy/virus. i scanned but found nothing on computer. i hope this is virus or hacking of facebook itself and not my computer?

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