Handy tip – If you ever get a – ImageGif: No GIF create support in this PHP build – error when you are building a php script, then try using the imagejpeg() function instead! (They had to remove gif support from the linux GD tools until sometime in 2004 because of patent infringement or something like that).

Just been sent a really odd flash site to check out. Here’s a hint: When he’s finished his bong, put the bong in the keywhole and press the button to start the ski lift. You need to fix the top wire on the ski lift so tht the skier can come up the hill.

The pentagon is bringing gambling to new heights with online terror bets. It seems quite distateful that you could win money on a terrorist attack, or a presidential assination. Could this even be classed as a new source of funding for terrorists? They could make money by betting on attacks they were about to carry out.

Not to be outdone by their European compatriots who often attempt to cross the English channel in a dinghy, the Cubans aim for Florida by truck. Their floating vessel consisted of a green truck buoyed by 55 gallon drums on either side, and its rear axel had been modified to turn a propellor. Unfortunately for its creators, the U.S. Coast Guard caught them before they could gain entry. Oh well, they can always apply for a place on the UK’s Scrap Heap Challenge TV program instead 🙂

It’s day 10 of my holiday in Florida. Currently staying down at the Trade Winds Resort on St Pete’s beach, right on the Gulf of Mexico… and wow is the water hot! There are signs at the beach saying “April through October: Do the Stingray Shuffle or you will do the First Aid Hop!”.

It’s now the fourth day of my holiday. Went to Orlando Universal yesterday. The rides were really good, particularly the “dueling dragons”. Went shopping the day before that, everything is so cheap compared to the UK. I bought two pairs of trainers for the equivalent of 25 quid! Going to “Wet and Wild” tomorrow, which is a water park in case any of you were wondering! 🙂 Anyhow I had better go because the Internet Access at the hotel is one thing that isn’t cheap.

Going to florida on friday, so watch this space… I’ll attempt to update it while I’m out there!

If you are bored, check out the games at Boohbah Zone – ok, so they were created for pre-school children, but it managed to keep our whole office entertained for hours.