Rsync on windows causing 100% CPU

I’ve just installed rsync on my windows workstation to copy files from my linux server, but it seems to be using 100% of the CPU on the windows machine compared to about 2% on the Linux box. One thing that did help a bit was to use the –whole-file option, this seemed to treble the transfer rate and reduce the CPU use a few percent. See this article about ยป Using Cygwin, Rsync, SSH and the internet to backup XP computer for further information.

Google Maps API Version 2

Today, Google announced the launch of the Google Maps API Version 2. So what does this mean, other than the fact that Google is solidifying its position as a serious maps provider? Well quite a lot actually! Apparently version 2 has smaller javascript code, more satellite zoom levels, a new overview map tool, documented custom map controls and types, less memory leaks, debugging tools and even a new GLatLng class so that you don’t have to flip the lattitude and longitudes to construct a geographic point. Thanks Google! If only the UK ordnance survey could be as innovative as you…

Sky by Broadband – error 1722

I just downloaded Sky’s new “Sky by Broadband” (that lets you watch movies and sports on your computer) but unfortunately for me the install program crashed half way through saying:

Error 1722: There is a problem with this windows install package. A program ran as part of the setup did not finish as expected.

Anyway, to cut a long story short I fixed it by going to and then clicking the “Get it” link just below the “View Webcast” bit. This installs kontikis delivery manager manually on your computer. After that you can re-run the Sky By Broadband setup file and it should work. NB: you must visit in Internet Explorer, as the delivery manager won’t install from firefox.