Mac Mini + Ubuntu + Quagga join LINX

We had a dilemma at work last week. We were joining the London INternet eXchange, and had to find some suitable BGP routers to install in their racks, but since power is somewhat limited in London data centres at the moment, we had to find something that used less than 150W of power draw.

The solution? A pair of Mac Minis running Ubuntu and Quagga with two 24 port HP gigabit switches.

Can’t login to Google Video Uploader

If you get a e-mail/password error when you try use Google’s Desktop Video Uploader, then try going to this page, which displays an captcha to unlock your account. I’m not quite sure why my account was locked in the first place (as I was able to login to other Google services), but going through that page seemed to fix it. There is more information available here.