How to Embed YouTube into WordPress

I have been struggling for the last half an hour trying to embedd a youtube video into my girlfriend’s wordpress blog. In the end I found the easiest way was to simply turn off the default WYSIWYG editor (Options > Writing > Formatting > untick “use visual rich editor by default”), and then you can just paste the object code straight from youtube. If you don’t want to turn this off then take a look at Embed How to get YouTube working with the WP2 WYSIWYG Editor.

MySQL disk space error

If you get an “ERROR 1030: Got error 28 from table handler” error from MySQL then check the size of your /tmp/ mount. MySQL uses the /tmp directory for quite a lot of things (creating temporary tables, repairing tables, optimizing tables etc..) and so if this is too small you might find yourself getting the error 28 a fair bit.

Picasa Web Albums

I signed up to the Picasa Web Albums last week, and have been testing it out. So far, I am really impressed. See for yourself with these pictures of my back garden. It will be good when they add video support (and tie it in with Google video), in fact I think it will start to pose a serious threat to YouTube and Flickr then.