Who reads my blog?

According to Feedburner, at the time of writing I have 44 readers subscribed to my blog’s RSS feed. I have no idea how accurate this is, so I’d like to run a little experiment.

If you are a subscriber to this site’s feed please post a comment on this post with your name. If you don’t want to leave your full name then just leave an alias, but please use a valid e-mail address so I know you are a unique reader. If you want to give me any feedback about the things I write about, then now is also your chance!

Thanks Guys!

9 thoughts on “Who reads my blog?”

  1. Me too.

    Are the Feedburner stats part of the standard WordPress install now? I’m still running an early version 2.

  2. Nope, I don’t think they are part of the standard install yet. I signed up for a feedburner account, and then enabled the feedburner wordpress plugin (I think!).

  3. Hello! I read on Google Reader – it says you have 4 subscribers (presumably including me).

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