Willie’s Delectable Chocolate Revolution

I’ve been watching Willie’s Chocolate Revolution on Channel 4 for the past few nights, and it’s definitely made me want to try some of his world class cacao!

So I tried searching in Google for “willies chocolate” and “willies delectable chocolate” but I couldn’t find his site! After delving a bit deeper, I’ve found it, so in case anyone else is wondering where you can get it from, here are some links:

Willie’s Website

Online stockists


He currently sells two black chocolates (100% cacao) and two dark chocolates (70-72% cacao).

  • Venezuelan Black (100%) – Hacienda El Tesora, Rio Caribe Superior, Carenero Superior
  • Peruvian Black (100%) – San Martin
  • Venezuelan 72 (72%) – Rio Caribe Superior, Carenero Superior
  • Peruvian 70 (70%) – San Martin


7 thoughts on “Willie’s Delectable Chocolate Revolution”

  1. My father and I went 5 odd miles to our nearest Waitrose so that I could buy 1 of each of the cooking Chocolate. We tried the Carenero (red labled one) and, considering this is 100% cacao, was not as bitter as I was expecting. It IS very nice chocolate. I’ve never liked Cadbury’s chocolate anyway, I’ve always eaten Lidnt, Milka or the stuff you get in Lidls (which is actually quite good for the price being @ least 30% coco solids)

    I look forward to getting my mits on some of his eating chocolate and am REALLY looking forward to his “Get up and Cacao” drinking chocolate.

    I’ve ordered his Cookbook (buy it from http://www.play.com for £12.50) and look forward to going through it 😀

  2. i am sat eatting a bar of the peruvian 70 now if you’re not a fan of dark chocolate then its probably best to steer clear but i look forward to continuing to perchase this chocolate and hope it gets more main stream as its a good jorney to waitrose!!!

  3. I loved the programs and me and my kids desperately wanted to try some to find they had sold out. After a months I spotted two packs on a shelf and was so excited I bought them both. Have now bought about 8 boxes costing me a fortune. Peruvian def the best. Not sure I actually like the chocolate of the idea behind it!

  4. I have only tried Indonesian 69 and Peruvian 70 so far, but they have both dethroned my previous All Time King Of Chocolate, Lindt Excellence Ecuador. What impresses me most about Willie’s is that the flavour is achieved with only three ingredients.

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