3G iPhone

So the iPhone 3G has finally been revealed by Apple today.

  • Built in A-GPS
  • 3G Data transfer, downloading a web page is over 3.5 times faster than EDGE, and even up to 36% faster than on an N95 3G.
  • Improved battery life: 2G talk time up 25% from 8 hours to 10 hours. 5 hours of 3G talk time.
  • Enterprise support: full exchange support, improved VPN support, remote wipe.
  • Third party applications: Games from Sony, massive potential for location based apps
  • Flush rather than recessed headphone jack: this will allow easier use of third party headphones.
  • Distribution in 70 countries
  • Price reduced 50% from $399 to $199 for 8GB model. 16GB white model for $299.
  • Available July 11th

So no front mounted camera for video chat (I guess that can wait for the next version), and the camera is still 2.0 megapixels.

The addition of GPS is a key factor here. It’s going to enable a huge array of location based apps and web services. Prior to the iPhone, few companies cared about mobile, yet now everyone is fighting to build iPhone versions of their services. You know it’s going to be huge when your bank builds an iPhone specific version of their website.

Apples stock (AAPL) is currently down 4%. Is this a good buy opportunity before it soars to $300? 😉

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