How to set up iChat for Facebook

Tonight it was announced that Facebook chat now supports XMPP (also known as Jabber). This means that it will work with a host of chat clients, including my personal favourite iChat.

To get it working with iChat you simply follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to iChat > Preferences > Accounts
  2. Click the plus icon in the bottom left hand corner, to add a new account
  3. Select Jabber as the Account Type
  4. Enter [email protected] in the Account Name (where username is your facebook username).
  5. Enter your facebook password in the password box.

And that’s it!

Facebook has some instructions on how to set up other popular clients here.

3 thoughts on “How to set up iChat for Facebook”

  1. Hi Paul,

    Do you know how to setup iChat for MSN as well as this is currently the one thing stopping me form using it.

  2. You can’t currently connect directly to MSN from iChat but there maybe a number of ways to bounce through another gateway. I haven’t personally done it but try searching on Google. Good luck!

  3. Hi Paul,

    I don’t suppose you know if their is any way to intergrate this with SKYPE?

    Andy, there are various pluggins for iChat and MSN available, but unfourtunately I have yet to find one that works consistently.


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