Connecting OS X to GPRS/3G via T-mobile

I have just got a new Nokia N95 on T-Mobile’s excellent Web N Walk package, which allows you to use your mobile as a modem to provide Internet Access on your laptop.

In order to do this you must first pair you phone with your laptop.

  1. Enable bluetooth on the N95 in Menu > Tools > Bluetooth
  2. Enable bluetooth in OS X: System Preferences > Bluetooth > Settings
  3. Tick “Show bluetooth on the status bar”.
  4. From the bluetooth status menu, select browse device
  5. Click “search” to search for your N95.
  6. Follow the on screen instructions to pair your laptop and phone (you will need to give a passcode which can be anything you like, e.g. 1234)
  7. You may wish to set the laptop as an authorised device in your N95. If so, go to Menu > Tools > Bluetooth > Paired Devices then click “set as authorised”. This will save having to select “allow” everytime you wish to connect your laptop to your phone.

Then you need to setup a dial-up networking connection

  1. Open System Preferences > Bluetooth > Devices
  2. Select your N95 and click configure
  3. Go through the wizard and tick “Access the Internet through your phone’s data connection” followed by “Use a direct, higher speed connection to reach your Internet Service Provider (e.g. GPRS). Then click continue.
  4. Give the following settings. Username: user – Password: one2one – GPRS CID string: *99# – Modem Script: Nokia Infrared

Creating a GPRS/3G Internet Connection on OS X to a Nokia 95 on T-mobile

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