BT launch 21st Century Phone Network API

BT have recently launched an API for their 21CN network called Web21C. The API allows developers to access various BT network functions via a HTTPS interface. Amongt other things you can place calls, send text messages, geo-locate mobiles (currently only BT mobiles).

During the beta phase, usage limits per account are as follows:

  • SMS Text Messages – 10 international messages / day. 160 Characters / message
  • Standard Voice Calls – 10 international calls of 2 mins / day.
  • Conference Calls – 10 international calls (upto 4 participants max) of 2 mins / day.
  • Location – 10 requests / day.
  • Presence – Logged out after 8 hours. 100 requests / day.
  • Authentication – 100 requests / day
  • Information About Me – 100 requests / day.

That’s pretty generous of BT if you think about it, as they are giving you up to 40 minutes of international calls per day!

They have also built 7 test virtual phones (sip addresses), that you can use for your testing, which have been affectionately named after the seven dwarfs:

The random number can be any number between 100 and 10000000.

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