Verisign have decided to take over the web. Any un-registered domain name will now take you to their search page. How do I stop this verislime trickery? You could try this:

Call 1-800-032-2101 (US) or 0800-032-2101 (Intl) and select option 2 for support.

Tell the engineer that you have typed in an non-existant domain name and been directed to their SiteFinder service. Explain that you have read the “Terms of Use” and do not agree to abide by them. Explain that, as you don’t agree to the ToU, you are explicitly forbidden from using their service. Ask them to exclude your IP block from those that will be given the SiteFinder IP rather than NXDOMAIN. Give them your name, company (if appropriate) and a contact telephone number.

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