iPhone 3.0 Software Update

Apple held a media event today to announce the new iPhone OS 3.0 firmware update. The new software adds many new features to the iPhone including:

  • Copy and Paste – at last! Speaks for itself.
  • Bluetooth Stereo (presumably A2DP) – allowing you to stream high quality audio between devices. This will be great for in car audio systems, no dongles required!
  • Bluetooth P2P – uses bonjour to automatically discover nearby phones, allowing peer-to-peer applications and (hopefully) file transfers.
  • Spotlight Search – search across mail, calendar and other 3rd party applications.
  • Tethering – allows the phone to be used as a modem for your laptop other computers.
  • Messages App – can now forward and delete individual messages. Supports MMS, and can send and receive files and contact cards.
  • Push Notifications – allows the phone to receive notifications over the air from a 3rd party’s server – e.g. useful for instant messaging.
  • Voice Memos – record audio notes.
  • Landscape Keyboard – rotated keyboard now works with most built-in apps.
  • Turn by Turn Directions – spoken directions available as part of the core location API.
  • 3rd Party Accessories – better support for interfacing with 3rd party accessories via bluetooth and the dock connector. The iPhone could be used to control other hardware.
  • In-App Purchases – extra content maybe purchased from within an app, e.g. e-books for a reader app (kindle), or extra levels for a game.


That’s pretty much everything I could have wanted in the new firmware – and more! The only extra thing I will be looking for in the next hardware version is video calling.

3 thoughts on “iPhone 3.0 Software Update”

  1. Tethering! Finally a worthy excuse for me to upgrade to a 3G iPhone, other than the fact it’s black =)

    Bluetooth stereo’s interesting, we’ll have to keep an eye out for an iPhone-compatible bluetooth stereo adaptor for our E46’s!

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