The Ultimate OS X Text Editor – Coda

Just yesterday I was recommended a new text editor for the Mac. It’s called Coda and I’m loving it! Here’s why:

  • The layout is really nice, it makes good use of your whole screen with a single editor window.
  • It has an innovative “sites” feature that takes a screen shot of all your project’s home pages, which serves as a nice way to browse them.
  • It has built in SFTP support – if I’m honest, I was getting a bit fed up of TextMate + MacFusion to access all our sites.
  • It has a built in terminal, so you can instantly SSH to your servers as the same user as you use for SFTP.
  • It supports subversion, you can commit and update from the file browser side bar.
  • It has a collaboration mode, so you can simultaneously edit the same script as a co-worker.


Coda Keyboard Shortcuts

  • CMD + 2 – Switch to edit mode for the currently selected file.
  • CMD + 3 – Switch to preview mode for the currently selected file.

3 thoughts on “The Ultimate OS X Text Editor – Coda”

  1. Great post, excellent text editor!
    Shame my trial runs out in 13 days.

    Recommend Coda for anyone looking for a Text Editor which allows the ability to manage various sites.

  2. I just don’t get Coda. The text editing isn’t great; the only really decent thing about it is the integration with transmit. I’d prefer to save the cash and get Transmit and MacVim – far better text editor than Coda.

  3. Hiya,

    I am using and loving Coda too, great bit of software, though the default tab behavior is rather clumsy.

    The tabster plug in helps,


    Jamie & Lion

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