Installing Zend Framework on OS X (Leopard)

Today I needed to use Zend Framework on my iMac’s local web server, so here’s how I installed it. 

I prefer using subversion where possible to download any open source projects, and since Zend have an svn repository available I decided to use that. 

sudo svn co /usr/lib/php/libraries/zend-framework-1.7/

This will follow the latest updates to version 1.7 – you can simply run svn update anytime a minor version is released.

You can then include this in any of your projects with:


Although I’ve gone through these steps on my OS X Leopard workstation, they would also work equally well on other Unix / Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Centos, Fedora etc..

2 thoughts on “Installing Zend Framework on OS X (Leopard)”

  1. I was using the release-1.7 branch today and got a class error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method Zend_View_Helper_Placeholder_Container::ksort() in /projects/libraries/zendframework-1.7/library/Zend/View/Helper/HeadMeta.php on line 33

    So I switched it to the release-1.7.5 tag, which had it as well, so switched to 1.7.4, which made it go away.

    It looks like they botched the 1.7.5 release which the branch was following. Something like that should have been caught in their test system.

  2. excellent. documentation for this process is all over the place. your tutorial saved me hours of hassle.


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