Missing asterisk config files in Ubuntu / Debian

If you install Asterisk on Ubuntu via apt-get, and then remove it and re-install again, you may find that you are missing the all the config files in /etc/asterisk.

This is a bug in the debian asterisk package that means that the config files are deleted when you remove the asterisk package even though they are part of the asterisk-config package.

To fix it simply run the following commands: (NB: This will nuke any asterisk installation you have)

sudo dpkg --purge asterisk
sudo dpkg --purge asterisk-config
sudo apt-get install asterisk-config
sudo apt-get install asterisk

2 thoughts on “Missing asterisk config files in Ubuntu / Debian”

  1. Thank you very much. That tip saved me one hell of a headache.
    The bug appears to be present in at least Ubuntu 10.04

  2. Still present in Ubuntu 16.04 / Asterisk 13 combination.

    This saved me a hell of a lot of mucking about.


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