Fixing the backspace key with OS X and Linux Screen

Here’s the problem: You ssh in to a linux system from your Macbook’s terminal and join a shared “screen” session. Instantly your backspace key stops working as a backspace key and becomes a forward delete key, resulting in those annoying “Wuff Wuff” messages at the bottom of your terminal.

Well I found a solution to this tonight. Simple do the following:

  1. Go to Terminal > Preferences > Settings> Advanced
  2. Tick Delete sends CTRL – H

Et voila. It should be fixed.

6 thoughts on “Fixing the backspace key with OS X and Linux Screen”

  1. Works, but then you can’t backspace in password prompts, and pressing backspace when not at a prompt outputs ^H^H^H.

    Instead set “Declare terminal as” to “rxvt” in terminal preferences.

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