PHP Syntax highlighting on Ubuntu Vim

If you find that syntax highlighting doesn’t work on Vim on Ubuntu, then I found the easiest way to fix it was simple to install the vim-full package with:

sudo apt-get install vim-full

It was as easy as that!

You may also need to uncomment a line in your /etc/vimrc file

syntax on

7 thoughts on “PHP Syntax highlighting on Ubuntu Vim”

  1. Hey there,

    Just an FYI, you only need to install vim, not vim-full; i.e..:

    sudo apt-get install vim

    This is because Ubuntu ships with a pared-down version of vim called (appropriately) vim-tiny. I’m sure syntax highlighting will work if you install the full deal, but it’s not necessary. see this post:

    saves you a few MB and some dependencies. thanks for the info though … it set me on the right track.

  2. The comment above regarding the config file did the trick for me. Thank you! It’s now much easier to view php files via ssh.

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