Raspberry Pi Measurements & Dimensions

I was asked by Tim Lossen on one of my previous Raspberry Pi posts if I could take some measurements of the Pi board so that he could complete a 3D model of it that he is working on. Unfortunately, we don’t have a ruler in our house, so I’ve printed off some ruler sheets, and taken some photos of the board along side the rulers. Hopefully this will allow someone to take some more precise measurements of the components using Photoshop and it’s rulers.

I’ve also measured the heights to be the following:

  • Ethernet port – 13mm tall
  • Usb 2.0 ports – 15mm
  • Audio jack – 10mm
  • RCA video – 13mm
  • HDMI – 6 mm
  • SD Card – 4.5 mm (underneath)
  • Micro USB power – 2.5 mm

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