Granting site administrator permissions with WPMU

It took us a while to work out how you grant additional users the Site Administrator permission in WordPress MU. We were expecting this to be in the users page, but actually it’s hidden on the Site Admin > Options page.

WPMU Site Administrator Permissions

However, once you realise where the option is, it’s actually incredibly simple. You simply specify all the administrator usernames in a space separated list, and press save.

On the edit user page you should then see that the users have Additional Capabilities: Administrator displayed.

3 thoughts on “Granting site administrator permissions with WPMU”

  1. I was searching for some article on how to install wordpress mu on a webmin virtualserver.

    I managed to do it on cpanel, but I just can’t get it to work on webmin. Basicly I need to set a dns record for * to point to, and I do not know hot to set that on webmin.

    Perhaps you could help me with that

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