Running Askozia PBX on OSX with Sun’s VirtualBox

Here’s some instructions on how to get Askozia PBX running on a virtual machine with VirtualBox on OSX.

1) ┬áIf you haven’t already, download and install VirtualBox.

2) Download the Askozia disk image that you want to use. I’m using the latest Linux port release at the time of writing (r1161)

3) Uncompress the image, and then convert it to a Virtual Disk Image

gzcat askozia-pbx-generic-pc-x86-i486-uclibc-r1161.img > test.img
VBoxManage convertdd test.img test.vdi --variant Fixed

4) Load up VirtualBox and create a new virtual machine. Use whatever name you want, and select “Other” as the operating system. Allocate some memory (I used 256MB), and then choose the virtual hard disk that you created in the previous step as the boot hard disk (primary master). Click Finish.

5) Select your new virtual machine and go to Settings > Network. Specify Intel Pro/1000 MT Desktop, Bridged Adapter, and then en0: Ethernet in the three drop down boxes. Click OK to save. This will join the virtual machine to the same network as your host machine is on. We have DHCP configured on our network, so the virtual machine should pick up an IP address from that.

6) Start your virtual machine.

Once the virtual machine has loaded it should tell you what IP address it has been assigned at the terminal. You can then access the control panel from a web browser by going to that IP address using admin/askozia as the login details.