Fixing keyboard problems with OSX and virt-manager

If, like me, you have been running virt-manager over an SSH tunnel, and are getting problems with the keyboard / key mappings, then you may be able to fix them by changing the keyboard settings in the virtual machines configuration.

1) Click the details button in the virtual machines virt-manager window.

2) Navigate to the Display VNC option in the left hand menu.

3) You should now see a Keymap drop down box. Select the correct Keymap that matches your keyboard, in my case it was en-gb.

4) Click Apply.

Good luck, it worked for me!


6 thoughts on “Fixing keyboard problems with OSX and virt-manager”

  1. I had to shut down the virtual machine, make the change, then boot it. Changing it while it was up and rebooting did NOT work…

    Thanks for the tip.

  2. Thanks, for display I had the option for spice or vnc, VNC worked. I had been working on figuring this out for 2 days before I found your article.

  3. I’ve been working on this issue for around a week now. What’s strange is that I couldn’t find any KVM-related solutions, until I decided to change my keywords and eventually found your article, which helped me fix this issue. Thank you so very much for such tremendous explanation!

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