Bank of England Statistics Database

I just found a cool tool on the Bank of England site for anyone interested in financial / monetary stats. Basically the Interactive Stats Tool lets you search through a huge amount of statistical releases and then download them in either CSV, Excel, XML or HTML formats.

Here’s some examples of what you can get:

You can even merge multiple datasets together in the same results page:

Here’s some figures on the Money Supply:

If you find any more interesting ones, be sure to post them as a comment!

One thought on “Bank of England Statistics Database”

  1. I’ve used some of this data (plus CSV data from the Fed and the ECB) to chart interest rates. It’s quite interesting to see how wild the fluctuations in the Bank Rate have been in the last 50 or so years compared with pretty much any other period.

    Pity the Bank doesn’t do stats for USD LIBOR – the only other source seems to be the BBA and they lag their stats by 7 days.

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