Apple Homepage – 4th Generation iPod Nano

Apple really do make the most of their website’s homepage to promote their latest products, and since they are one of my favourite companies, I am going to try to keep a record of these designs on my site.

Here’s my first following today’s announcement of the 4th generation iPod Nano:

3 thoughts on “Apple Homepage – 4th Generation iPod Nano”

  1. I think it’s actually the 4th generation Nano – the 1st being the original tall white/black, the 2nd being the metallic coloured tall ones, the 3rd being the stumpy square one and this the 4th.

  2. AOA,
    I want to know, why you choose the name (pyrosoft).
    Actually i have run an company with this name but the name i choose for my company because. I am great fan of pyrostudio and then chose the name pyrosoft for my company.
    I don’t know why you choose?
    tell me if possible.

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