No excuse for bad spelling

One of my favourite features of Firefox 2 is that it has a built-in spell checker. This kicks in whenever you type into a text area, by simply underlining any incorrectly spelt words. It can’t yet correct bad grammar or bad content but it’s definitely a step in the right direction 🙂

So if, like me, you prefer to write in British English rather than American English, then you can install additional dictionaries with a few easy steps:

1) Right click somewhere in the textarea field above.
2) Select Languages > Add Dictionaries.
3) This will take you to the Firefox dictionaries list.
4) Select your local language file and click on it.
5) Wait a few seconds, then click on the Install link.
6) Once it has completed installing, restart firefox.
7) Right click in a textarea and select your newly installed language from the Languages sub-menu.

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