Google Translate adds Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic

I just noticed today that Google has added 4 more languages to its translation tools. Although current tagged as a BETA service, you can now translate in:

  • English to Arabic BETA
  • English to Japanese BETA
  • English to Korean BETA
  • English to Chinese (Simplified) BETA

    So test it out, I have translated “Google adds four new languages to its web translation tool” into each of the new languages:

  • توضع اربع لغات جديده اضافه الي ادوات الترجمه علي (Arabic)
  • Googleは網翻訳用具に4つの新しい言語を加える (Japanese)
  • Google는 그것의 웹 번역 도구에 4개의 새로운 언어를 추가한다 (Korean)
  • 谷歌增加4个新的网络语言翻译工具 (Simplified Chinese)

    I have no idea how accurate the translations are, so if any native speakers could verify them that would be great!

    If you are wondering how I managed to get the foreign characters from Google translate on to my blog, well I couldn’t just copy and paste from the source, so I made a tool that converts foreign characters into html special characters.

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