Installing SQL-ledger on Fedora Core 3

If you get a No Database Drivers available! error when trying to install SQL-ledger, it is most likely because you haven’t installed the perl/postgresql drivers. With FC3 you can install them through:

yum install perl-DBD-Pg

These weren’t the only difficulties I encountered with the sql-ledger installation process, so I have detailed the steps I took here:

yum install postgresql postgresql-server php-pgsql postgresql-pl perl-DBD-Pg

Then download and run the sql-ledger setup script

mkdir /usr/local/sql-ledger
cd /usr/local/sql-ledger
chmod +x setup.perl

Follow the on-screen prompts, and then once that has completed you will have to setup the database user etc..

su postgres
createuser sql-ledger
createdb sql-ledger
createlang plpgsql template1

You will then probably need to change the security settings of postgresql to trust local users, I did this by editing pg_hba.conf and changing the authentication to

   local           all        all           trust

Finally you should visit the http://localhost/sql-ledger/ script in your webbrowser to complete the setup.

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