Road Legal Buggies

Every so often, I see something so cool that I feel compelled to buy it, and it happened to me again this weekend when I saw a website selling Road Legal Buggies. What is a road legal buggy you may be thinking? Well it’s basically an off-road go kart, that can also be driven on the road (with tax, license plates and insurance). I haven’t decided on exactly which one to get yet, but here is my research so far:

8 thoughts on “Road Legal Buggies”

  1. I know this is an old post, but just woundering, if you did get one, wher can you get insurance from to drive them on the roads?

  2. That’s a good question. I never got that far during my research. I would just phone around some of the specialist insurance brokers such as Adrian Flux first, or look for an insurer that specialises in kit cars.

  3. I have a quadzilla 250e Buggy
    It is one of the best thing I got for fun with my kids. specialist insurance you are looking for about £150 – £250 max TPFT, you will have to look Adrian Flux is not the cheapest

  4. I am trying to find insurance in Spain for a quadzilla 250 buggy on the Costa delSol, any ideas which insurance companies offer a good deal?

  5. direct line will do it I think there called liner direct in spain
    I have a PGO 500i and am looking for parts can you help
    thanks paul

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