Salomon Crossmax 3V FSK

I have just ordered myself some new Salomon 3V skates, so now I can keep fit skating around town! I’ve been looking for more information on them, but so far haven’t found any, so if anyone knows of any reviews please let me know (yes, technically I should have done my research before I ordered them, not after, but oh well).

3 thoughts on “Salomon Crossmax 3V FSK”

  1. Hi,
    the salomon 3v sl’s are the best skates i’ve ever had, i am a professional slalom skater and i love them sadly they have been discontinued 🙁
    so buy as many as you can in different sizes lol


  2. I have to agree, I was not disappointed when they arrived. The 3Vs are definitely the best skates I’ve ever had also. Do you know what they are being replaced with? I can’t wait for the weather to improve so I can get back out on them!

  3. Hello guys,
    I’m badly looking for the salomon crossmax 3v size 27.5. I’m staying at Melbourne. I know it’s been 2 years they stopped making them but there must be someone who has a pair end using them!! Thamks for any hint in my quest!

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